Lighting Customer Testimonials

  • Warehouse Lighting Upgrade (Video)

    Retrofit Lighting & Design upgraded the warehouse lighting & office lighting throughout a 30,000+ sq ft building for GNW Machine; a custom manufacturing business in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. The LED retrofit solutions have a payback on investment of approx. 1.7 years, include a large rebate from the utility company, provide increased accuracy, efficiency, overall productivity and a notable boost in employee morale.
    Warehouse lighting upgrade for manufacturing company Retrofit Lighting and Design
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  • Brighten Up Senior Living Lighting (Video)

    "Not only for aesthetics and better lighting, but really a safety and wellbeing mechanism as well. It’s really looking at implications that are far beyond present day. It will allow Becketwood to more effectively have people age in place if they can see in the places that they have to navigate as they get older." – Debbie Richman, Executive Manager at Becketwood Cooperative
    Becketwood Cooperative Senior Living Lighting Before and After
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  • Ice Arena Lighting – Wireless Controls, Lakeville MN (Video)

    "It was a big energy project...this rink in particular had a lot of yellow haze from the fluorescents and shadows on the ice for the players. The lighting alone is the big payoff for us. People coming in the building are just amazed." - Joe Bergquist, Arena Manager for The City of Lakeville, Minnesota
    Lakeville Ice Arena Lighting Before and After
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  • Northern Force Dance Company - Disinfecting Air Technology

    "We wanted to do everything we could to ensure a safe return for our dancers and our staff when we re-opened our doors. 30 mins kills COVID, Staph, Norovirus and even prevents odors. This was an easy decision for us." - Ron Anderson, Northern Force Dance Company
    Photohydroionization (PHI) from The Retrofit Companies, Inc. Minnesota
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  • JDM - Upgrading Office Lighting During a Pandemic

    “The current environment due to COVID-19 has certainly impacted our business. We are expecting about a 50%, maybe a little bit more, savings in our lighting bill. Overall I think we’re going to weather this storm fairly well.”– Dan Miner, Partner at Johnson, Doerhoefer & Miner
    JDM Office Lighting LED Upgrade from The Retrofit Companies, Inc.
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  • Paffrath Jewelers - Making Improvements During a Pandemic

    "We did a relamp, changed everything to LED which is going to reduce our electric bill by at least 50% which is exciting, especially during this time. They’re also a lot brighter, which shows off the jewelry a lot better!” – Callan Paffrath
    Paffrath Jewelers Owatonna, MN
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  • Advanced Masonry Restoration - Tunable Lighting

    Individuals are at their best when they can control their surroundings, including the color, quality and intensity of light to suit the types of tasks they are performing.
    Tunable lighting controls in an office
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  • Samaritan Bethany

    Facility upgrade reduced energy over 58% annually!
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  • Amesbury Truth

    Amesbury Truth achieved a 50% energy savings with this lighting upgrade.
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  • Caledonia Public Schools

    LED lighting upgrades saved Caledonia Public Schools over $10,000 annually
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  • Crown Plastics

    This facility reduced energy consumption by 45,584 kWh annually, a 13.37% ROI
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  • Algona Municipal Utilities

    This LED upgrade reduced the amount of energy used per fixtures by %50
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  • Southern Hills Golf Course

    New lighting technology provided Southern Hills a 50% lighting energy cost savings
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  • Lakeville Public Schools

    Exterior fixture upgrades provided a $2,500/yr energy savings; that's 44% annually!
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    We’re very proud of the way we treat our clients, and they’re thrilled with the results that our lighting and electrical services provide.

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