Recycling Collection Events

Recycling Collection Events




What Is a Recycling Collection Event


Recycling collection events for communities in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska

Every year The Retrofit Companies, Inc. hosts community waste Collection Events in over 30 communities across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska. TRC partners with local cities and counties to plan, organize and host events for residents and businesses. These collection events allow communities to bring their unwanted regulated waste to a trusted disposal partner within their own community. Every event can be customized to the unique needs or preferences of the city/county, including their preferred location, time, date, staffing needs, as well as items accepted. We shared a blog on our summer of 2018 collection season, check it out here.






Safety Procedures


Safety procedures and best practices for community recycling collection events The Retrofit Companies, Inc. St. Paul Owatonna MinnesotaTRC has carefully designed a health & safety action plan to protect both our customers and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Full details about our safety procedures for Recycling Collection Events can be found HERE, or you may call us at 800-795-1230 or email anytime with questions. Our health & safety action plan is based upon the most current recommendations from both the State of Minnesota Department of Health and the Federal Center for Disease Control.


Public Event Health & Safety Procedures Include:

(full details here)

  • No Contact Transactions
  • Credit Cards Only (cash not accepted)
  • Customers Remain in Vehicle
  • All Staff Will Wear Protective Equipment
  • Social Distancing of 6′ Minimum Required for All Parties





When is the Next Recycling Collection Event


The busiest season for recycling collection events is typically May-August, however we host events as early as April and as late as September. All of our events are posted on our Event Calendar, as well as our Facebook Events. Events are constantly being added or updated, so be sure to bookmark our Event Calendar and check back often. We always recommend sharing these events with your friends and family so everyone can make the trip together and get rid of that unwanted junk!



Business recycling pickups from TRC

TRC provides staff and equipment for every event, as needed. Call 800-795-1230 for details.

White Bear Lake Recycling Collection Event

Residents line up at a local recycling collection event in St. Paul, Minnesota. Staff helps unload waste from your vehicle and sends you on your way!

TRC staff at a local community collection event

A pre-social distancing event photo! TRC now has strict health & safety procedures in place, including a min of 6′ between all staff, masks, gloves and no-touch transaction technology.

What Items are Accepted

At these collection events a range of waste items are collected. In our many years of hosting these events we typically see a high volume of electronics. Old TVs, old or unwanted computer parts and miscellaneous electronics are often collected, as well as microwaves and household appliances. In addition to electronic waste, many collections offer recycling options for fluorescent light bulbs, batteries (including alkaline, NiCad, sealed lead-acid, and lithium), light ballasts, and mercury devices.


old computer electronics recycling The Retrofit Companies, Inc. St. Paul Owatonna Minnesota

Electronic waste, including computers, computer components, keyboards, mice etc., are often collected at recycling events.

Appliance recycling The Retrofit Companies, Inc. St. Paul, Owatonna, Minnesota

Appliances, refrigerators, washers/dryers and small household appliances such as microwaves and toasters are often collected.

Battery recycling The Retrofit Companies, Inc. St. Paul Owatonna Minnesota

Battery recycling is often available at community collection events. Lithium, NiCad, sealed lead-acid, and more. Call with questions at 800-795-1230.



Where Does the Waste Go


Once collected the waste is loaded and safely hauled to our 10-day transfer facility. We then sort the waste by type (such as electronic waste, batteries, lamps etc.), and is then sent downstream to our certified recycling vendors. The Retrofit Companies, Inc. securely manages the transfer of all regulated waste to our partner facilities throughout the US. We offer compliance documentation for all processes.


What If I Can’t Attend My Local Event


TRC collection event video recap
Watch a video recap of recycling collection events from communities across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa & Nebraska.

Firstly, we always recommend calling us or checking the Event Calendar to see if another event has been added in your area. Sometimes events pop-up quickly. These community events require many moving parts to come together and often draw very large crowds! Sometimes the high volume of attendees results in long lines and wait times for residents to properly recycle their waste on a Saturday afternoon. For this reason, The Retrofit Companies, Inc. also offers residential drop off recycling at both of our locations Monday through Friday, all year. Many residents prefer to attend their local event, and for that we say thank you and we appreciate you doing the right thing to properly recycle those unwanted electronics, and keep them out of our landfills.


How Do I Schedule an Event for My Community


If you would like your community to host an event, contact your city council and representatives and have them call us, The Retrofit Companies, Inc., at 800-795-1230 or email us at


More Recycling Options


No Contact Battery Recycling Kits
No Contact Recycling Kits for Batteries and other Small Quantities of Universal Waste

No-Contact Recycling

Pre-paid recycling kits are available for small quantities of Universal Waste. These kits can be ordered online and shipped right to you.

For more info, call us at 1-800-795-1230 or email at







COVID-19 Decontamination Recycling Kit
COVID-19 Decontamination Recycling Kit

Decontamination Recycling Kits

Pre-paid recycling kits are available for small quantities of Universal Waste associated with COVID-19 decontamination, such as wipes, rags and used PPE. These kits can be ordered online and shipped right to you.

For more info, call us at 1-800-795-1230 or email at





COVID-19 Collection Event safety procedures in place for TRC

Are You Seeking a Women Owned Partner?

TRC is certified WBENC. If you have any questions about this certification please contact us at 1-800-795-1230.