Lighting Energy Study

Lighting Energy Study

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Lighting Energy Study


The lighting energy study that TRC provided included the existing technology, the recommended replacement, as well as additional recommendations for replacements. You could clearly see what was the best way to go. In fact, the proposed cost savings was a reduction in annual energy costs by 58%.” – Lee Morem, ISD #299 Caledonia Public Schools


Included In a Lighting Energy Study

The most successful projects start with a great plan, a personalized approach, and a level of detail that gives you the information you need to justify an investment and ensure you get the project you want.

A Lighting Energy Study is a full assessment of your current lighting system. This study identifies problem areas, explores how LED lights, controls or other options can help save significant energy, cost and maintenance, including detailed analysis and reporting. Our Lighting Energy Study assists in any industrial, commercial or institutional facility across the country to establish proper light levels and to improve energy efficiency. The Retrofit Companies, inc. has a team of dedicated lighting experts who have the experience to lead any lighting project to success. We are partners with multiple utility companies and provide up to the minute expertise on current rebates for your business.


Every study includes:

  • Detailed Scope of Work
  • Control Analysis and Recommendation
  • Savings Summary and Analysis
  • Utility Liaison Services
  • KW, KWH, and System Wattage Analysis
  • Rebate Analysis and Recommendations
  • Fixture Comparison
  • Maintenance Savings Analysis
  • Fixture Specification Sheets
  • Cost of Ownership Analysis
  • Photometric Layouts
  • Proposed Savings and Performance Reports



A Lighting Energy Study is typically a charge per square foot, but can also be billed on a per day basis. This fee provides you with the line items mentioned above and a partnership with our team of experts. These deliverables put you in a position to fully understand your project, the results you can expect to see from your project, and ultimately allow you to make an informed decision.


Lighting Energy Studies often find ways to reduce your energy consumption by more than 50%.



Industries Served:

TRC’s Lighting and Design services are available nationally to customers across all industries. We service all business types, though we specialize in the industries listed below. We support the Upper Midwest as well as nationwide with our partner network. Our services have also been utilized internationally and called upon by military agencies. Please call, email or, submit online for any questions about your business and how we may help with your lighting needs.


  • Hospitality
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Grocery & Cold Storage
  • Parking Lots & Garages


Learn More

Download our free Lighting Energy Study E-Book (click below). This resource will provide more detailed information about TRC’s custom studies. If you are ready to schedule a study for your business, please contact us HERE or call us at 1-800-795-1230.

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