Prairie Island Ice Arena- Lighting Upgrade [Video]

Published December 2022

“We’ve had comments from our community members, some that didn’t know that this lighting project was going on and some that did. They can already tell the difference, not only in the stands but in the concessions area and on the ice as well. We are grateful that this project was able to come through to fruition.”

Paul Hartmann, Activities Director, Red Wing School District

Prairie Island Ice Arena Lighting Upgrade Project Summary:

  • Location
    • Red Wing, MN
  • Project Goals
    • Maintenance savings
    • Improve lighting performance and light levels
    • Increase safety and security for students and staff
  • Results of LED Upgrade
    • Estimated energy cost savings of over $6000/year
    • Wireless dimmable lighting- offers different light levels
    • Improved light quality
    • Maintenance Savings for staff- no more changing out bulbs and ballasts
    • Energy savings and additional utility rebates are an added bonus to this LED project
      • Utility rebate of almost $15,000

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