Lighting Audit Services

Lighting Audit Services


Delivering Next Level Lighting Audits

Accurate & Detailed – Feedback we often hear from customers after working with us is how impressed they are with our accuracy and attention to detail. Our team of certified lighting experts focus on state-of-the-art tools, advanced technology and accuracy when approaching any lighting audit or project.

No Change Orders – We pride ourselves on our guarantee of no change orders with your lighting audit. This higher level of service ensures you are not dealing with miscounted fixtures, assumptions being made that end up costing you money, or scopes of work that are not developed with accuracy in mind. Below we discuss some of the specific tools and technologies we use to ensure you receive a next level Lighting Audit. Contact us to discuss your project.

Snapcount: Auditing & Proposal Software

Snapcount is a fully digital data collection software (via tablet) that allows quick and efficient capture of large amounts of facility information. Our team utilizes this platform on site to ensure the highest quality lighting audit and analysis for your project.

  • Captures fixture types, quantity, lighting technologies, ceiling heights, existing switching, and existing light levels
  • Includes facility map: location pinning of rooms & fixtures for accurate project scope
  • Smart-tags photos and videos to specific locations within the facility
  • Mobile field software seamlessly transitions to web-based platform to accurately process solutions jobs costs to send directly to the customer
  • Web based platform allows detailed reporting capabilities and facilitates quick updates in the event of project changes or adjustments.
Snapcount example from The Retrofit Companies, Inc. Minnesota
Example image from Snapcount showcasing the pinning function. This ensures accurate counts and specifications for your Lighting Audit.

360° Camera Technology

Lighting Project with 360° Camera

Check out this Lighting Feature with Advanced Masonry in St. Paul, MN. We utilized the 360° imaging and video to capture the full effects of the color tunable lighting in their offices.

TRC utilizes a special 360° camera when performing Lighting Audits. This technology promotes accuracy (accurate within 2 millimeters of dimensional quality) and allows our project developers to immerse themselves into the environmental without being at the facility. This photo and video imagery can open a world of possibilities for Lighting Audit customers, including a potential virtual walk-through of your jobsite during bid situations, or even just providing bidding members access to the imagery post walk-through to enable more accurate numbers to the customer.

The ability to recall specific site information is crucial in the proper specification of both product and labor on a project. The 360° images allow for verified recall of:

  • Fixture spacing
  • Mounting or access obstructions & restrictions
  • Fixture counts
  • Reflectances for developing photometric layouts
  • Existing switching

Photometric Layouts

TRC utilizes both of the primary photometric layout software programs in the industry, which are AGi32 and Visual 3D. Both are powerful lighting software programs that require extensive training, certification and knowledge to utilize properly.

Our Lighting Team staff members have extensive retrofit industry experience, CAD training, and multiple team members with their Lighting Industry Certifications (LC).

We utilize this experience and Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) standards while working on these platforms to ensure the customer is getting the proper amount of light for the application in question. The photometric layout software programs are a key differentiator in the accuracy and attention to detail provided in our Lighting Audits.

Why Are Lighting Audits Important?

The ultimate goal of these tools when combined is to provide extremely detailed information for our development team, allowing them to deliver the best projects for our customers with no surprises. We want to ensure our customers have peace of mind that they are getting a project with NO CHANGE ORDERS, and one that has been carefully tailored to their specific environmental.

Please contact us with any questions about our Lighting Audit Services. You may schedule online or call 800-795-1230.