Office Lighting: Upgrading to LED During a Pandemic (Video)

Published September 2020


“We recently upgraded to all LED and we are extremely happy. Being accountants, there is a lot of eye strain, in front of computers, reading papers…we need good lighting to do our job. Having the LED lighting from TRC has significantly improved our visual workspace.

– Dan Miner, Partner at Johnson, Doerhoefer & Miner P.A.



Investing In Your Workspace With Better Lighting – Owatonna, MN

The Retrofit Companies, Inc. had the pleasure of working with Johnson, Doerhoefer & Miner P.A. (JDM), at their Owatonna location, to improve their interior office lighting with a simple LED refresh. The Partners at JDM recognized the importance of proper workspace lighting and during, what some are calling, an economic recession, these financial gurus easily concluded that this efficient lighting was a no-brainer.


JDM Office Lighting LED Upgrade from The Retrofit Companies, Inc.
Dan Miner, Partner at JDM CPA, discusses the importance of proper office lighting for anyone working indoors, primarily in front of computers or staring at paperwork for many hours of the day.


“The current environment due to COVID-19 has certainly impacted our business. We are expecting about a 50%, maybe a little bit more, savings in our lighting bill. Overall I think we’re going to weather this storm fairly well.”– Dan Miner, Partner at Johnson, Doerhoefer & Miner

JDM has been serving Southern Minnesota since 1997, offering a full range of accounting services. They have been called a “Mom & Pop” shop, are very connected to their communities in both Owatonna and Blooming Prairie, MN, and have truly found their niche with local small businesses and individual community members.


LED Lighting Project Details


“We approached Jake at the Retrofit Companies, Inc. and he was able to walk us through various options. We were able to make an informed decision; we considered savings and the importance of lighting to effectively do our job as accountants,” says Miner.


Proper Office Lighting

Making improvements to their Owatonna office was always on their radar, but the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic presented an opportunity for JDM to quickly save money and upgrade their space to welcome their clients back with a bright and welcoming environment.

All LED lighting projects provide cost savings, reduced maintenance, and usually include utility rebates. Beyond that, a well-designed lighting system increases tenant appeal by providing a better working environment for employees.

  • By retrofitting to LED’s, JDM is estimated to save over 50% in lighting costs. 
  • Reduced maintenance with longer-life LED technology, eliminating the ballast.
  • $616.00 rebate from Owatonna Public Utilities – TRC files and processes all of the paperwork.
  • Immediate positive feedback from in-office employees and clients.


“There are also great rebates from Owatonna Public Utilities (OPU)…we were happy with the cost to begin with, so the rebates are just the cherry on top of having great lighting that we can work with and help our day to day and our long hours,” says Miner.


LED Office Lighting: The Science

Companies and employees benefit from improved and advanced lighting, with multiple studies indicating positive effects on productivity and overall health.


Improved Lighting Design Leads to Improved Office Work Productivity

  • Multiple case studies focused on office workspace lighting upgrades found a median improvement of 3.2% or $1,600/yr per person benefit (assuming $50,000 annual salary and benefits).
  • Across these studies, productivity is measured by improved working speed, reduced error rate, improved reading comprehension, improved short-term memory and logical reasoning, and by self-reported increases in productivity.

Improved LED Lighting Can Reduce the Number of Headaches for Office Workers

  • A recent study found a 27% reduction in the number of headaches, allowing for more productivity, reducing the amount of sick leave taken and boosts moral by making employees comfortable in their workspace.



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