Chemical Waste Clean-Out

Household Chemicals
Common chemical wastes found in businesses and households


Do you have an old stockpile of unused, unwanted, expired chemicals? Let us help you properly dispose of them.

Once you determine that you have expired, unwanted chemical waste, how do you plan to properly dispose of it? Do you need a price, or just want it out of there? Do you have an inventory? Do you have SDS sheets for all of the waste material?


Download our Top 40 Chemical Offenders list.


2 Waste Clean-Out Options:

  • Option 1: You can prepare an inventory of your waste, to be estimated and picked up. This inventory should include: size of container, estimated volume within that container, name of waste product, and Safety data sheets (SDS) for each material.
  • Option 2: You can call The Retrofit Companies, Inc. and our trained experts can come on-site to identify, sort, inventory, package, prepare paperwork, and transport for proper disposal. With so many unknowns, this way is more difficult to provide a firm estimate, but is your easier choice.

Explosive chemicals-min
Chemicals can easily become unstable; a common example includes Benzoyl Peroxide (bottom right above), which can crystalize over time and become explosive


What are my risks?

Waste will change over time and can become unstable. Containers can also break down, or get damaged being stored through the years. Depending on the condition of the containers, it may be best to call our trained experts.

We recommend having an environmental waste plan in place, to ensure timely disposal. Hanging onto unwanted, expired chemicals puts you at risk for health, safety risks, environmental compliance issues, and potential fines.

The price to dispose of the unwanted chemical waste within your facility will not go down. The costs can only go up.

Talk to a TRC rep to develop a proactive Environmental plan to reduce risks, and ensure compliance while properly handling unwanted chemicals.



Chemical waste clean-up and remediation services are often overlooked parts of maintenance and facilities operations.

Hazardous+Waste+PackingIf you are renovating or re-purposing a portion of your facility, you may require remediation projects as part of your renovations.

Items like mercury and PCBs have well established spill clean-up requirements, but they may be difficult for you to meet yourself, if you lack that type of training.

Sometimes this can be as small as a broken mercury device in a laboratory.

Other times it has been a full mercury remediation plan for an old boiler room or transformer vault.

Spill Clean-Up Experts May be Required



TRC can help to identify contaminated areas, establish a hazardous waste management plan, and perform a full remediation to regulatory standards


  • fluorescent & HID lamps
  • mercury devices & debris
  • electronic equipment
  • computers
  • batteries
  • pcb & non-pcb ballasts
  • pcb soil & debris
  • capacitors
  • transformers
  • appliances
  • aerosols *MN Only as Universal Waste
  • chemicals & poisons
  • hazardous wastes
  • paints & solvents
  • laboratory wastes
  • chemotherapy wastes
  • flammable aerosols
  • toxic liquid & solids
  • oils & filers
  • absorbents
  • coolants
  • cleaners & detergents
  • lab packs
  • RecyclePak pre-paid recycling services
  • pre-demolition regulated waste removal
  • testing, education & training