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E-Scrap Plastic, the Next Challenge in Recycling

New Challenge in E-Waste As an environmental partner offering our customers responsible outlets for recycling their regulated waste, we run into many challenges as regulations and markets change. Over the last few years, we have seen challenges in the processing of leaded CRT glass from tube televisions and monitors. A new challenge in the E-waste […]

March 11, 2019

Shedding some light on led lamp recycling requirements

It is undisputed that LED lamps have become the leading lighting technology, offering the benefits of energy savings, longevity and quality of light. With the rise of their popularity, several of our customers have inquired as to the regulations regarding their proper disposal and recycling.

October 23, 2017

Choosing a Reputable Partner Minimizes Your Risks for Regulated Waste Related Fines

One of the most important concepts for generators of waste to understand is Cradle-to-Grave. In a nut shell, this means that the generator of waste is responsible to ultimate disposal. Nothing will relinquish a generator of this responsibility and there’s no expiration date or time limit. Hiring someone else to transport and dispose of your waste does NOT transfer responsibility.

October 23, 2017

Aerosol Can Recycling Process

Aerosol can disposal has recently undergone some changes in Minnesota and The Retrofit Companies has designed a program for Minnesota businesses to take advantage of these new regulations. Under this program TRC accepts waste aerosols for recycling or disposal on our Universal Waste Bill of Lading. Aerosols may be packaged into any of our UN-rated […]

June 23, 2016

Aerosol Can Recycling as Universal Waste in Minnesota

  The MPCA has officially adopted aerosols into the universal waste program.  Aerosol cans may now be recycled on our standard Universal Waste Bill of Lading with TRC in the state of Minnesota. When you schedule a pick up for other recyclable waste like, fluorescent lamps, batteries, electronic waste (computers), or mercury, you can now […]

June 23, 2016

Identify Radioactive Exit Signs

Radioactive waste disposal is somewhat uncommon, but responsible disposal is a necessity when the time comes. We recently discussed the disposal of Tritium Exit signs, but what are they and how can we identify them?  WHAT IS TRITIUM? It’s a radioactive gas used in some self-luminous signage. Commonly found in exit signs. It was also […]

May 23, 2016

Interview: Safely Managing Hazardous Waste in Schools

Today we’re sharing a short interview with a small school district that came up against a confusing, and potentially dangerous set of chemicals in their science labs that needed to go. The chemicals had eclipsed their classroom usefulness, and while they had been sitting idly on a shelf for some time the threat of their presence was real.

November 23, 2015