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How To Properly Dispose of Smoke Detectors

By Steve Jacobs, Environmental Division Manager Why Should I Properly Dispose of Smoke Detector? Customers frequently ask us about properly disposing of smoke detectors and why they are different from other electronic scrap wastes. With these life-saving devices in nearly every home, you would assume disposal would be fairly easy. So why can’t we just […]

July 11, 2019

Mercury Spills & How To Safely Handle Mercury Waste

Because of the dangers mercury waste poses to the environment and the health of others, the Department of Transportation has regulated how it must be transported. The main focus when transporting mercury is containment. There are some packaging and handling guidelines in effect to help prevent spills.

July 23, 2013

Understanding Mercury Waste & Mercury Recycling Process

While we have found safer uses and have been able to reduce the amount of mercury required to create a viable product, as is the case with fluorescent lamps, that does not mean it is any less dangerous. The harmful effects of mercury are still present and it must be handled, stored, transported and recycled carefully.

June 23, 2013