Recycling and Environmental Services

Regulated waste management can be confusing and time consuming.

We are here to make it easy for you.



Do you generate chemical and hazardous waste on a regular basis? Let us help!

We offer DOT-Approved packaging, waste profiling, and consistent scheduling

Chemical and Hazardous Wastes
Chemical and Hazardous Wastes


Do you have a new process that creates a new waste stream? Our team of experts can help you from start to finish.

We can test, profile, confirm processing-facility approval, prepare the paperwork and labeling for transport, and pick-up.


  • Do you have any of these wastes? Hazardous, chemical, e-waste, paint, batteries, lamps and LEDs, other.
  • Did you know different wastes need to be managed in different ways? We can handle it for you.
  • Are you looking for a friendly expert to just take care of this for you? We make it easy and provide an unmatched level of customer service.
All hazardous wastes are ultimately your responsibility from cradle to grave, but we can help. Learn more at the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website about this p


Various Regulated Waste Packaging

Are you unsure of the many changing rules and regulations associated with regulated waste, packaging and all of the paperwork that goes along with it?

TRC offers proper packaging options and all necessary paperwork to ensure compliance and safe transport, all the way to the processing facility. We provide all necessary certification of shipment and proper waste management. You will even be provided a custom usage report for your annual regulatory reporting.



Sample Customer Usage Report
Sample Customer Usage Report

Why Do I Need a Usage Report?

TRC Customers are provided a custom usage report to assist with clean and precise documentation for their business records and compliance files.

  • Usage reports are custom for each client
  • Reports can date back multiple years
  • Provided annually, quarterly, or as needed
  • Reduces customer’s need to gather invoices and combine totals, TRC takes care of it for you
  • One less thing for your staff means increased productivity
  • Ease of use – just call a TRC rep and we take care of the rest


  • fluorescent & HID lamps
  • mercury devices & debris
  • electronics
  • computers
  • batteries
  • pcb & non-pcb ballasts
  • pcb soil & debris
  • capacitors
  • transformers
  • appliances
  • aerosols
  • chemicals & poisons
  • hazardous wastes
  • paints & solvents
  • laboratory wastes
  • chemotherapy wastes
  • flammable aerosols
  • toxic liquid & solids
  • oils & filers
  • absorbents
  • coolants
  • cleaners & detergents
  • lab packs
  • RecyclePak pre-paid recycling services
  • pre-demolition regulated waste removal
  • testing, education & training