Advanced Lighting Controls: CLCP Certified

Published March 2020

TRC’s Team of Lighting Professionals Recognized by NALMCO


The Retrofit Companies, Inc. CLPC Certified Lighting Team (Not pictured: Chris Wendling)

CLCP Official! TRC’s entire Project Development team has received their Certified Lighting Controls Professional (CLCP) designation, placing them at the top of the competitive market within the lighting professionals industry.


As lighting and controls become increasingly complex, TRC is proud to provide our customers with highly qualified professional lighting designers and project developers.




What is as CLCP Certification?

As a leader in the lighting industry, it is important that TRC’s services always reflect the highest credentials in continuing education within the increasingly complex and demanding world of lighting professionals. In addition to the Lighting Certified (LC) Professionals certification on our project development team, our team now boasts the Certified Lighting Controls Professional (CLCP) accreditation across the board.


“NALMCO’s CLCP designation provides assurance that a professional is highly educated about lighting controls based on high-quality curriculum designed by the controls industry.” – NALMCO





What is the Value of a Certified Lighting Controls Professional (CLCP) Credential?

With the rapidly changing conditions and technology of the lighting industry, it is vital that every lighting project is handled by a certified lighting professional, with the highest level of education in their field based on high-quality curriculum designed by the controls industry.

This certification is essential when seeking a qualified lighting partner, specifically if you are looking at advanced technology systems and/or lighting controls. This exam not only has specific qualifications and prerequisites, but requires continuing education to maintain the credential.


What Does the CLCP Exam Cover?

The CLCP examination and training do not focus on specific control systems, rather it is a course designed to take a holistic approach to understanding lighting controls. The training covers traditional topics including dimming, occupancy/vacancy settings, and daylight harvesting. The course also covers advanced topics such as wireless (bluetooth and RF) and networked lighting controls.

The testing ensures the candidate understands lighting controls in a manner so they can disseminate information from an array of manufacturers and controls protocols, and then recommend an appropriate controls solution for a project based on that project’s specific needs.

In addition to the specific controls training, the testing covers how lighting controls fit within the ASHRAE and IECC energy codes that are now required for many lighting installations. This also allows our certified team members to educate customers on what is the best solution for a project and to train them on how to use these solutions.

The training for the test is all completed in conjunction with the Lighting Controls Association (LCA).


TRC Customers: Why This Matters to You?

This certification truly focuses on the ever changing lighting industry, therefor requires continuing education. This ensures our team is always on the cutting edge of information and can provide the best solutions for customers in any scenario.

Maintaining the certification after achievement requires the individual to accumulate 24 professional development hours for every 3-year period following certification. This ensures each designee is keeping abreast of changes within the industry.


Lighting Energy Study: CLCP Certified

TRC customers continue to find success by starting with our CLCP Certified Lighting Energy Study when moving forward with their lighting project. This is the first step for any customer when considering a lighting upgrade, especially if you are looking to find ways to lower your energy bills, reduce maintenance costs and see long-term savings with improvements to your lighting.

Our CLCP certified team is ready to help you find ways to save, along with our rebate-team that will process all of the paperwork and find you the very best rebates available for your project. Download our Lighting Energy Study E-book (free!) below to learn more about starting the process of upgrading your lights.