5 Ways to Save Money When Your Building is Empty [checklist]

Published March 2020 by Madison Anonick

Is Your Building Temporarily Unoccupied?

As businesses across the country adjust to new work schedules, building closures and financial hardships, we wanted to share some easy ways you can save energy in your building and reduce some of your costs.


The Retrofit Companies, Inc., Lighting Designer and Contractor out of St. Paul, Minneapolis Minnesota, provides suggestions on how to save energy in your building during temporary closures or lower occupancy.


These are general suggestions for all facility types, however every building is unique and may have additional ways to save on energy. For example, does your facility have a pool? Consider lowering the temperature of the water. Below are some resources that may answer any additional questions you have (unrelated to Lighting…we can help with those questions!) about your facility during this time.


COVID-19 Resources for Various Business Types:



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Now is a great time to consider more energy efficient lighting in your facility.