25% Bonus Rebates for LED Tubes Now Available!

Published July 2022

You can now receive 25% more in rebates for LED tubes!

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop, sponsored by Xcel Energy, is now offering 25% more in rebates for LED tubes alongside their existing bonus rebates for interior DLC and DLC Premium fixtures.

LED tubes were previously rebated at $160 kW/$.08 kWh and will now receive $200 kW/$0.10 kWh. For projects to qualify for bonus rebates, you must purchase and install equipment between April 15 and November 15, 2022.

Rebates are important opportunities for businesses to get more cash back! Call us at 800-795-1230 with any questions or to see if your project qualifies for these time-sensitive rebates. You can also schedule a lighting consultation from our website. Want to hear from some of our Lighting Customers? Check out these testimonials.

As an Xcel Energy Trade Partner, we ensure you are maximizing your savings with the latest rebates and any additional incentives you may qualify for! If you would like to learn more, visit Xcel Energy: Business Lighting Efficiency. Check out DSIRE to learn more about other programs available for energy efficiency in Minnesota.