Universal Waste Aerosol Recycling Program

Published August 2020


Recycling Aerosols in My State

Iowa recently adopted a new program regarding Aerosol Waste Recycling. This program now includes this waste stream as a Universal Waste. This is great news for Iowa businesses (and residents) as this now lowers the cost to recycle Aerosols in Iowa and makes the process much easier. Previously, Iowa did not include Aerosol Waste on the federal list of materials eligible for this Universal Waste recycling program.

  • Businesses in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota & Illinois are eligible to use our Aerosol Recycling Program
  • Aerosol waste utilizes our standard Universal Waste Bill of Lading
  • Since the MPCA adopted aerosols into the universal waste program, TRC implemented a new policy so when you schedule a recycling pickup with us, you may now include any waste aerosols without any additional paperwork.
  • Aerosols may be packaged into any of our UN-rated shipping containers and picked up on our truck with your other universal wastes.

Although, pressurized gas containers are not considered part of this program, TRC can help you responsibly dispose of them. Contact our Haz Team anytime! (Is your business outside of Minnesota or Iowa? We can still help you find the best recycling option, simply contact our team!)


Aerosol Waste now accepted in Iowa as Universal Waste: Schedule a Pickup with TRC to recycle your Aerosol Waste



Aerosol waste now accepted in Iowa and Minnesota as Universal Waste; schedule a pickup with TRC to recycle your Aerosol Waste ASAP.

What Are Aerosols?

Aerosols are chemical products, such as paint, solvent, or cleaner, released as a spray or stream from a pressurized container. A waste aerosol is an aerosol container that will no longer be used for its intended purpose. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).



Waste Aerosols Accepted Through TRC Program:

  • Spray Paints
  • Air Fresheners
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Oven Cleaners
  • Insecticide Sprays
  • Spray lubricants
  • And many more…

Wastes Not Accepted Through TRC Program:

  • Propane gas cylinders
  • MAP gas cylinders
  • Automotive refrigerants
  • Lighters/fluid refills
  • Calibration gas cylinders
  • Spray foam (cylinders)
  • Engine starter (cylinders)
  • Pressurized gas containers



Iowa now includes Aerosol Waste Recycling as part of the federal list of Universal Waste
Universal Waste Aerosol Container

What Happens to Aerosols Recycled with TRC?

Recycled aerosols in Iowa & Minnesota are shipped to our Licensed Universal Waste Collection Facility in Little Canada, MN for additional sorting/processing. Waste aerosols are then shipped to our partner disposal facility where they are fully drained. Finally, the drained liquids and gases are blended into fuel or incinerated and the empty cans are recycled as scrap metal. In essence this process is converting the waste into heat energy.

What Are the Regulations Around Punctured Aerosols?

Under new regulations, you may puncture universal waste aerosols and compressed gas cylinders at your site if you meet certain conditions, including collecting and managing all liquids, safeguarding employee safety and health, and complying with the Minnesota State Fire Code. However, some aerosols and compressed gas cylinders may present unusual safety risks when punctured and be inadvisable for on-site management


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