Special Recovery Rebates for Damaged Twin Cities Businesses

Published July 2020

Recovery rebates from Xcel Energy for damaged businesses in Twin Cities, Minnesota

Has your business been impacted by the pandemic or other recent events in our community?

Now is likely the most cost-effective (even potentially cash flow positive!?) time to upgrade or replace your current lighting system to an energy-efficient option.We are seeing up to 75%-100% of project costs being paid for through recovery and bonus rebates.

There are a handful of resources available to you that can help fund your lighting project, including brand new Special Recovery rebates from Xcel Energy. Read below for details and deadlines as these WILL expire and/or run out.


Special Recovery Xcel Energy Rebates


Xcel Energy Special Recovery Rebates application
TRC’s dedicated rebate team will help you process paperwork for this special program.

Xcel Energy recently released a new Special Recovery Rebates program for businesses in the greater Twin Cities (St. Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota) area that are working to rebuild after the widespread acts of property damage in May and June.

“Xcel Energy is offering impacted businesses with new Special Recovery rebates – up to double the standard rebate amount..” – Xcel Energy

If your business resides in Xcel Energy territory and has been damaged, these higher Special Recovery rebate dollars can be used to lower the cost of replacing certain types of equipment, such as lighting, with energy-efficient options. They may also be used to install high-efficiency equipment if you are rebuilding.

As an Xcel Energy Trade Partner we will support you through this process, filing and processing paperwork and identifying your eligibility as well as walk you through your project options.



Process for Special Recovery rebates:

  • Contact Us first to discuss your project needs and your current situation. We may be able to find multiple programs that can support your lighting needs in addition to this Special Recovery program. We need to identify all qualifying programs to ensure the best outcome for your business.
  • This questionnaire will need to be filled out and submitted to Xcel Energy. TRC will work through this with you.
  • Review: Your information will be reviewed by Xcel Energy to determine your eligibility.
  • October 1, 2020: If eligible, all program applications must be submitted by October 1, 2020 in order to be approved into the program.
  • Double rebates: Impacted businesses in Minnesota may earn up to double the standard rebate amount on their lighting project. We have even seen projects succeed into cash-flow positive scenarios.

These incentives have never been seen before and opportunities for more cash back have never been more readily available to businesses in Minnesota. Call us at 800-795-1230 with any questions or to see if your project qualifies for these time-sensitive extra rebates. You may also visit Xcel Energy: Business Lighting Efficiency to learn more about energy efficient lighting projects with Xcel Energy.


Limited Time: Bonus Xcel Energy LED Rebates

Download 2020 Xcel Energy Rebates Guide – Minnesota

In addition to the Special Recovery rebates being offered to businesses impacted by recent damage, Xcel Energy is also offering temporary bonus rebates to qualifying Xcel Energy commercial electric customers. For a limited time you can earn bonus rebate dollars on select LED lamps and fixtures. Thinking about upgrading to energy-saving LED’s?


Here are the details:

  • Double rebates: Minnesota commercial electric Xcel Energy customers can earn double rebates on select LED lamps and tubes
  • 25% bonus rebate: Minnesota commercial electric Xcel Energy customers can earn 25% bonus rebates on select LED fixtures
  • March 1 – August 31: Qualifying projects must be submitted between March 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020.


Limited Time: Bonus Lighting Rebates through CEE

As part of their mission to help small and mid-sized businesses become more energy efficient, starting March 1, 2020, One-Stop will offer bonus rebates for select LED products.

This is even more reason to move forward with any lighting upgrades you have been considering for your business. One-Stop rebates are available throughout Xcel Energy’s Minnesota service territory to small businesses with a monthly electric demand of 400 kilowatts or less. Here are the details on CEE’s 2020 rebate updates:

  • Bonus Rebate Tiers and Caps
    • $200/kW – $0.10 kWh – 75% cap
      • non-DLC rated fixtures/kits, LED tubes, HID replacement type B lamps (DLC rated)
    • $400/kW – $0.20 kWh – 75% cap
      • DLC rated fixtures/kits, DLC rated high-bay fixtures/kits (replacing HIDs)
    • $800/kW – $0.40 kWh – 75% cap
      • DLC Premium rated high bay fixtures/kits (replacing high or aisle bay fluorescent fixtures)
    • Screw-in and exterior rebates will stay the same
  • To Qualify for the Bonus
    • Qualifying equipment must be purchased between March 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020.
    • Install qualified equipment and submit invoices to Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) no later than November 30, 2020 to qualify.

If you have any questions or concerns about these CEE bonus rebates, please contact one of our lighting team members or call us at 507-455-2192. We are excited for you to take advantage of these special cash back offers in 2020!



How can you take advantage of rebate programs in 2020? 

Connect with our Lighting Team ASAP to take advantage of these time-sensitive rebates. As an Xcel Energy Trade Partner we can help you maximize these rebate savings.