Pre-Paid Recycling Program

Published April 2016


TRC is stepping up our services with RecyclePak®, an easy, pre-paid recycling solution for small quantities of Universal Waste, such as fluorescent lamps, batteries, ballasts, batteries, and mercury waste. Simply select the container for your waste type, and it is delivered to you. With one payment you receive a shipping container, mailing label, on-site pickup, recycling fees, and a Certificate of Recycling for compliance.

This recycling service is great for companies that generally do not accumulate a lot of waste, or do not require frequent waste pickups. It’s also a really good solution for businesses with multiple locations dealing with waste management. RecyclePak allows for an easy implementable, easily manageable, and affordable solution to be put into place at your business while still benefiting from the exceptional customer service offered by TRC.

Take a look at some of the items that RecyclePak can handle, or visit the shop to see the full offer.


More questions? Check out the full FAQ.


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