My T12 Lights Still Work – Why should I replace them?

Published February 2014

t12 lamps

Since 2005, starting with T12 magnetic ballasts, T12 lighting technologies have been slowly phased out. On July 14, 2012 the manufacturing of T12 lamps ceased for distribution. Along with the final phase out date came the end of some of the sweet-spot utility rebates that were being offered to utility customers who upgraded from inefficient T12 lighting to something better, like T8 or T5 lamps and ballasts.

Today with this T12 ban in effect, and other inefficient lighting types continuing to be phased out, you may wonder, “Why does a T12 fluorescent retrofit still pay off for my business?” You think, “I’ll just keep using these lamps until they are at the end of their useful life and then replace them when I absolutely have to.”

In short, even though you may have missed the first and most generous utility rebates for upgrading your lighting, we have entered an era of ultra-efficient and extremely long-life technology – LED. LED technology in lighting is more affordable than ever and between energy savings and rebates from utilities for companies making an investment in lighting, most companies that upgrade their lighting see a dramatic benefit and almost instant savings.

Whether T8, T5 or LED is best for you, upgrading your lighting from T12 to another more efficient lighting technology sooner rather than later means your bottom line gets the immediate benefit of reduced overhead.

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