Instant 400 watt reduction with LED retrofit

Published January 2016

This recent lighting retrofit case study comes from a larger project completed by The Retrofit Companies. We thought this was not only a visually impactful set of before & after photos, but energy use was reduced over 400 watts for each fixture replaced!

The existing system (Before) was constructed for this atrium area, totalling 8 fixtures. Each fixture contained one 400 watt metal halide lamp. As you can see, those lamps had degraded and the light quality was suffering. We see the furthest left fixture with a new LED retrofit giving a bright white light, and the next two fixtures casting a blue-greenish light. A very noticeable difference. And even though the light quality in these HID (metal halide) lamps had decreased over time, they still used 454 watts per fixture.



Below we see the finished area, entirely retrofitted with LED fixtures. The light cast onto the ceiling of this atrium is bright white and evenly dispersed. Now each fixture uses only 45 watts, and has an expected life of 50,000 hours. Since these fixtures are operating 24/7, that means that they should remain maintenance-free for over five and a half years!


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