Hazards of LED T8 Lamps

Published March 2016


We believe that a lighting system should be functional and efficient. This is the obvious and most intended goal for retrofit projects we do, and we know many options are available. Knowing you have so many choices, we always share the future risks and maintenance scenarios to help our clients make informed decisions for the best long term results.

One common retrofit includes integrated LED lamps to eliminate the need for a ballast. This might be the right solution for your facility, but this video illustrates the future care and education required of each individual tasked with maintaining a lighting system. There is a large potential for injury for an uninformed individual maintaining these systems. LED T8 hazards exist, and a simple oversight can cause serious damage.

Watch here to see how two common mistakes are made in maintaining integrated LED T8 fixtures.

For more information on energy-efficient lighting design and starting your project off right, start by asking the important questions: