Employee Spotlight – Kristin Duerr

Published October 2019

TRC has always focused on hiring great people to become part of the TRC family, and now it’s time for you to get to know our employees a little bit better. Beyond their expertise, our team brings a unique mix of backgrounds, hobbies and special skills to the table. Check us out!

Introducing Kristin Duerr

Introducing Kristin Duerr; Kristin joined TRC in November of 2018 and has quickly excelled in her role as a Lighting Consultant here at TRC. Kristin brings 7+ years of experience in the industry, with a history and exposure to all aspect of the supply chain.

Kristin is married with two beautiful children, and they are currently building their forever home! Watch the Employee Spotlight video to learn a little bit more about Kristin!


Name and Title

Kristin Duerr, Lighting Consultant

Tell Us About Yourself

I am married to my husband, Cassidy, and have two children, Olivia (age 4) and Royce (1).

Favorite Part of Working in the Lighting Industry

What I like most about working in the lighting industry is that you can have a positive affect on the community through reducing your emissions and your carbon footprint for certain commercial and industrial buildings.

What is the Most Unusual Job You’ve Had?

I  worked for a City Park and Recreation Department and they volunteered me to be a puppeteer. So I would drive around in a truck and trailer and we would do puppet shows for little kids at parks.

Tell Us About the Best Vacation You’ve Taken.

The best vacation I’ve taken was when I toured Europe for a few months in college. We hit Italy, Greece, Europe, and France. I loved experiencing something different and seeing the culture and also visiting all the unique sites.

What is Your Favorite Book?

My favorite book that has impacted my life is the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. They are personal goals to be a respectful person and how you treat others.