Employee Spotlight – Gary Johnson

Published December 2019

TRC has always focused on hiring great people to become part of the TRC family, and now it’s time for you to get to know our employees a little bit better. Beyond their expertise, our team brings a unique mix of backgrounds, hobbies and special skills to the table. Check us out!

Introducing Gary Johnson

Introducing Gary Johnson; Gary joined TRC in October of 1994 and has become a pillar of the team here at TRC as our Master Electrician. Gary has been working in the electrical business since he got out of trade school and has an incredibly broad range of skills in the business.


Gary Johnson, Master Electrician with The Retrofit Companies, Inc.

Name and Title

Gary Johnson, Master Electrician

What Keeps You Busy Outside of TRC

I do some farm work, we have a hobby farm. So basically that, and grandchildren. We have some British White cows, about 12 cows or so. My wife usually has a cow that is producing milk, and she takes care of that. We keep all of that, we drink it. My wife will sometimes make cheese or other milk products. My grandkids love the animals. All of the animals have names but I don’t know what they are. We have probably 25 chickens, 4-5 dogs, some cats, and 1 pony.

Tell us About Working in the Electrical Industry

Well I mainly do maintenance work, service work, I’m working on a lot of the bigger projects and then I have service calls too. Mostly commercial and then warranty work on our lighting. It’s interesting some of the older buildings that we get into. The thing that has changed the most, I would say the variety of lights. LED lighting has really changed everything.

What is the Most Unusual Job You’ve Had?

I’ve been doing electrical work since I got out of trade school, and before that I worked at a print shop for about a year.

Tell Us About Working at TRC for 25 Years?

I like it. I like the people a lot, and it’s a lot of different types of work that I do. I enjoy meeting people in the different work that I do. Every day is a little different.

What is Something People May Not Know About You?

I did quite a bit of worship leading in church, so singing. I haven’t done that in a while. I’m between a baritone/tenor. Surprise my grandkids sometimes when I start singing. I used to work at a college and we had a men’s quartet that I sang in.