Employee Spotlight – Adam Lundahl

Published December 2018


TRC has always focused on hiring great people to become part of the TRC family, and now it’s time for you to get to know our employees a little bit better. Beyond their expertise, our team brings a unique mix of backgrounds, hobbies and special skills to the table. Check us out!


Introducing Adam Lundahl; Adam has been with TRC for approx. 11 years and has a background in land surveying and pre-demolition, recently finding his way into a successful role in Environmental Sales.

Adam has a passion for hockey, his kids and loves to be outdoors. Ask him where he would rather be and he will likely say on his boat in the sun, or in the Bahamas. He loves the water and the beach. Check out the video below to learn about some trouble he found himself in at 15 years old!


Name and Title

Adam Lundahl, Environmental Sales


Tell Us About Yourself

I’ve been here for 11 years. I’m now in Environmental Sales. When I first started I was in pre-demolition work.


What is the Strangest Thing About Pre-Demo?

In St. Paul, MN we had a job where there were homeless people living in there…daily we had a police officer show up…he would walk it with us every morning.

Did you Imagine Yourself in Environmental Sales?

I went to school at St. Cloud State University for Land Surveying; I was a Land Surveyor for 8 years.

What Was Your Dream Job as a Kid?

I actually wanted to be a police officer like Miami Vice. I always thought I would make a good cop.


What are Your Hobbies Outside of Work?

Summertime we are usually on the boat. If I can be on the water, that’s where I want to be.


Name a Guilty Pleasure

I am an 80’s hairband guy. I love 80’s hair bands. I also love my bowl of ice cream at night.