Difference Between Residential and Commercial Grade Lighting

Published September 2019

When shopping for light bulbs it is often hard to know the difference between one another because they all look so similar. You may wonder, “if they all look the same, do they all work the same?” The answer is no. Light bulbs come in all shapes and sizes but what you don’t see are the different components within the bulb.

As a commercial lighting retrofit company, providing businesses energy-efficient lighting solutions, we only specify commercial grade. Our customers invest their money with us, to ensure they get technology that will not only perform, but last.



Residential Lighting

What is the difference between residential and commercial grade lighting products?

Residential grade lighting products are primarily lights that are used inside and outside of homes. If you don’t want to spend the extra money for quality lighting in your home, you can purchase these at big box retailers, such as Home Depot or Walmart. However, they only sell a few different light bulb sizes and have a limited selection of brands to choose from. And, if you have any questions or are seeking advice you can’t expect their associates to be lighting experts.


Commercial Lighting

Essentially, commercial grade lighting products are used in businesses and places with high traffic. You can often find them in schools, shopping malls, etc., as well as in public places like streets and government facilities. When looking for efficient options, Certified Lighting professionals offer a wide variety of technologies and brands to choose from. Their knowledge and expertise give them the ability to choose luminaries that contain components that consists of the best quality. You can talk to our experts and they’ll be glad to assist you with the best options for your projects.

Are residential distributors selling the same products as us?

Components of a Light Bulb

There are times that you may see the same lighting brands sold from companies like ourselves and big box retailers like Home Depot or Walmart, but we are not selling the same products. There is a difference in what the inside of the LED contains.

Commercial grade light products are made of better quality LED drivers, led modules, heat sinks, and more to last longer than residential grade products. For that reason, they are more durable and have an extended lifespan compared to residential lighting options. The reason you see the same brand names are often because the companies are trying to provide different types of products in order to reach a greater target market.