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The Surprising Impact of Lighting Redesign

Primary issues with the old lighting, aside from being inefficient and expensive to operate, included cones of light and many shadows within the arena area. The customer began working with The Retrofit Companies to have a new lighting system designed and installed. Consultants from The Retrofit Companies designed a system where interior and exterior metal halide and incandescent fixtures were replaced with new LED fixtures.

October 23, 2016

Linear LED & Other T8 LED Resources

There’s a giant world of information about LED linear tube options, energy efficient lighting, and how to get the most from your retrofit project, but do you really have the time to seek it all out? If you’re like most any professional we’ve met, the answer is no. We give you concise, accurate information in order to make informed business decisions.

September 23, 2016

How Does Hazardous Waste Clean Up Work?

Do you have a room, closet, or cabinet used for chemical storage? Maybe your business has a few old cans of paint, or an entire warehouse aisle of miscellaneous products that sit half-unused year after year, and you’re not really sure how to start getting it all cleaned up safely and responsibly?

September 23, 2016

Understanding LED Maintenance Challenges

This article discusses reliability of LED lighting, understanding lamp life with respect to useful lamp life, and how to understand variables in product quality across brands. It concludes with some overlooked maintenance factors for LED: cleaning, controls, and proactive troubleshooting. 

August 23, 2016

Understanding LED Linear T8 tubes

Even when you have the correct combination of linear LED tubes and existing ballast or wiring configuration, simply grabbing an LED tube and installing it may change lighting levels drastically, undoing the original success of a well-designed lighting solution.

August 23, 2016

T8 LED Lighting Retrofit Introduction & Safety

Are you considering a lighting upgrade and have you investigated replacing your T8 fluorescent lamps with T8 LED linear tubes for energy efficiency? This is a wonderful leap in the lighting world, affording lighting designers, facility managers, and other contractors the ability to essentially retrofit existing fluorescent fixtures with LED linear tube options.

August 23, 2016

Recharging your Knowledge of Recycling Batteries

Since the mid-1990’s TRC has gained expertise in the safe transportation of wastes ranging from toxic gases to Mercury containing lamps. Our recycling trucks have transported everything from old light bulbs to lead paint. This expertise and knowledge of waste handling and disposal regulations have helped our clients simplify the disposal and recycling process for all types of Universal and Hazardous waste.

August 23, 2016

Exterior LED Lighting Upgrade

This hotel had inefficient metal halide and incandescent lamps lighting the exterior of their building, with many burned out lamps. The result was a poor quality light that demanded a fair amount of attention and money to maintain. Business managers decided to take action and develop a plan for their exterior LED lighting upgrade with help from The Retrofit Companies.

August 23, 2016

CRT TV and Monitor Recycling

In the electronics recycling industry, waste processing changes over time as methods improve or markets shift. CRT recycling used to be what is known as a ‘closed loop process’ where old leaded glass tubes were recycled into new ones; however, new technology does not use leaded glass tubes.

August 23, 2016

Has your old, unused material become Explosive?

UPDATED MARCH 2017 We are often asked to properly dispose of hazardous wastes that have collected over many years, for schools and all types of businesses. These are chemicals and products that were used for maintenance, or in a lab or classroom at one time, that have outlived their usefulness. These products often spend many years in a back room, storage […]

July 23, 2016
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