2023 Xcel Energy Rebates in Minnesota

Published April 2023

Upgrading your lighting this year? Download the 2023 Xcel Energy LED Rebate Guide!

2023 LED Rebate Guide


Xcel Energy offers rebates that can help reduce the cost of your next lighting project. Xcel Energy has a LED Rebate Guide that can help you see if you are eligible for any of their 2023 rebates! Don’t forget to check out Xcel Energy’s 2023 bonus rebate information and 2022 program changes as well.


If you are a business considering a lighting retrofit, check in with our Retrofit Lighting Team to discuss how these rebates can be utilized in the most efficient way. Rebates can speed up the payback period of your project and help to increase the return on your investment.


Check out our lighting case studies to see how we have utilized rebates for past customers.



How could you take advantage of rebate programs in 2023?

Connect with our Lighting Team to take advantage of these time-sensitive rebates. As an Xcel Energy Trade Partner, we can help you maximize these rebate savings!