Sub-Contractor FAQ

The Retrofit Companies, Inc. is currently searching for qualified Sub-Contractor Partners that are interested in energy-efficient lighting project work, and understand you may have some questions about that. Here are the most common questions:

1. What does it cost me?

Nothing – we’re simply asking if you are great at electrical work and customer service. If you are, we’d like to request bids from you when we secure work in your area.

2. What kind of contract to I have to sign?

There is no contract. We don’t want to lock you into anything. This is an open ended deal. If we secure work in your area, we’ll contact you to see if you are interested in the installation. You can say yes or no. If yes, you may just be awarded the work or may bid the work. Regardless, this is just saying that you would like a call if we’re working there. From there, you make a choice.

3. What projects are you working on?

Very likely, we don’t have a project lined up in your area at this time. However, we’re always looking for candidates for lighting and when we find someone in your area, we’ll contact you at the time they’re making their decision to move forward.

4. What, exactly, do I have to do?

TRC writes the scope of work and takes care of shipping materials to you. You’ll follow the scope of work and get everything installed, as designed, and in accordance to state and federal code. At project completion, you’ll submit completion paperwork and an invoice. It’s that easy.

5. How will a pay rate be determined?

In our application process, you’ll give us your typical hourly wage on a questionnaire when you first submit your information so we know your availability. Of course, we’ll always contact you to discuss a specific project in your area and then we’ll firm up a price based on the scope and number of hours involved in a project.

6. What is the schedule for projects? (Day or evening shifts)

Schedules differ from project to project, but we’ll always call you to discuss the specifics of a project prior to gathering your final price. We ask a question about shift differential on the application questionnaire that will allow you to make notes on additional charges for those shifts when they apply.

7. How many projects can we expect from you/when will the work start?

This is a tough one to answer because there are a few possibilities. Here are three of them:

  • When we already have a project signed, we know that we are looking for labor starting in about 4-6 weeks.
  • Sometimes, we reach out for sub partners because have a project we are bidding that requires a sub partner.  In this instance, we hope to get the project signed within 90 days, but we always check with you on your availability at the point of sale.
  • Other times, we won’t have a specific project, but we know that we want to get some sub partners in an area where we are focusing sales efforts. In this instance, we inform you that there isn’t a specific project at this time, but by having your name and capabilities already on file as an approved sub partner puts you at the top of our call list!
We are asking qualified partners to join our list of pre-approved electrical sub-contractors in order to develop a partnership for long-term success in implementation. You can easily start your application now!