How Much Does A Retrofit Cost?

Factors That Impact The Cost Of A Lighting Retrofit

How much does a lighting retrofit cost? The Retrofit Companies, Inc.

The cost of a lighting retrofit project, as with any good investment, is carefully considered and greatly impacted by a few key factors. Below are the main components that impact the overall cost of a retrofit. Remember to call or email us anytime if you have questions about your lighting system, are considering upgrading or just need advice on the best solution for your space.


Factor 1: Your Facility

Your building size, structure, hours of operation, your existing electrical service and even your industry can impact the cost of a lighting project.

Factor 2: Your Lighting System & Operational Requirements

The second factor in building your new lighting system is your existing lighting system and your operational requirements. The three main points about your current lighting system that can impact cost are:

  • The condition of your current fixtures
  • The amount of light you want orĀ are required to have
  • Your future business processes

Factor 3: Your Goals

Your goals should be the project priority. Whether you were approached by a lighting consultant, were given a directive to do a lighting project from a superior, or your own research has shown that an energy-efficient lighting upgrade may be the best solution for your goals, it is important to keep them front of mind.

Your Goals May Include:

  • Reduce Energy Bills
  • Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Improve Your Space
  • Support Employee Health & Wellness
  • Increase Aesthetic Appeal


All of your goals are important and your priorities will greatly impact the options for your project and the cost of those solutions.

Factor 4: Other Project Variables

Your facility, your existing lighting system, your needs, and your project goals are all factors in the cost of a lighting retrofit; a few more tangible factors also come into play.



Are you comparing multiple lighting project quotes?


Our best advice to anyone comparing multiple lighting project quotes from multiple vendors is to be sure you are comparing apples to apples. The best way to ensure you are comparing projects that will perform the same, is to start with a Lighting Energy Study. With a Lighting Energy Study, you will receive all of the information on what you are purchasing, how it is expected to perform compared to your existing technology, and the savings you can expect to see, all packaged into a turn-key solution that you can make a reality.



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