Cook County, Grand Marais – Recycling Event (August)

Published April 2021

Cook County, MN – Recycling Event


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Accepting: Electronics, Appliances, Batteries, Lamps, Ballasts

Location: 630 5th Ave. W, Grand Marais, MN 55604

Time/Date August 28, 2021 – 9am-1pm

Flyer: Cook County Recycling Center – August 28th Event Flyer


Small Appliances – Blenders/laptops/keyboards/cellphones etc. (FREE)

Batteries – Lead Acid/NiCad/Silver ($0.50/lb), Alkaline ($0.75/lb), Mercury batteries/Lithium Ion ($5/lb)

Lamps/Other – Fluorescent/Incandescent lamps ($0.50/ea), HID/Shatter Shield ($2/ea), Broken lamps/Non-PCB Ballasts ($1/ea), Neon/UV ($5/ea)

E-Waste/Appliances – TV’s/Computers/Monitors ($20/ea), Microwaves ($15/ea), Large Appliances/Mini-Fridges ($25/ea)

IMPORTANT! – Please take the following steps to protect yourself and our staff:

  • Maintain social distance. Minimum of 6′ required between all parties.
  • If possible, place waste in your trunk or truck bed.
  • Stay in your vehicle; staff will unload.