Employee Spotlight – Joe Freed

Published February 2019 by Madison Anonick


TRC has always focused on hiring great people to become part of the TRC family, and now it’s time for you to get to know our employees a little bit better. Beyond their expertise, our team brings a unique mix of backgrounds, hobbies and special skills to the table. Check us out!


Introducing Joe Freed; Joe has been with TRC for approx. 3 years and has found his niche in the ever changing world of Environmental Services, really taking an interest in compliance and helping businesses and schools properly handle their various waste streams.

Joe is recently married, enjoys running and carpentry, as well as spending time outdoors and on the lake during MN summers.  Watch the Employee Spotlight video below to learn a little bit more about Joe and some of the weirdest things he has encountered on the job.


Name and Title

Joe Freed, Environmental Sales


Tell Us About Yourself

I’ve been with TRC for almost 3 years now. I came from a software background, so it was definitely a big switch.


What Does Your Day to Day Look Like?

We handle regulated waste, so anything you can’t throw out in the trash, we make sure that it is responsibly disposed of…I reach out to different companies to see if they need our help or services.


What Keeps You Busy Outside of Work?

I just got married a little over a year ago, bought a house…lots of projects. My wife was nice enough to let us purchase a home that had a 4 car garage, so I’m able to have my wood shop out there where I like to do carpentry. I’ve made my dining room table, coffee table, end tables and a game table.


Strangest Thing You’ve Encountered on the Job?

We were on site of an old restaurant that was being remodeled and we went into the basement and a rat went scurrying along and jumped over our feet. It was pretty big. But craziest may actually be a fridge that was dropped off at a chiropractors office that was filled with meat from game hunting…it had been out in the sun for a long time.


What’s The Most Interesting Jobs You’ve Ever Had?

I was promoted to be a cook at Chipotle. I got free food everyday…that’s what I ate for 2 years throughout college. I never could be sick of the guacamole; I used to make it too. I think I was the best.


What Feedback Do You Hear From Our Customers?

Some of the main feedback I hear is “You guys are always on time, your drivers are friendly, and your account managers call us back right away.”


What Is It Like Working at TRC?

It’s great working here; it has a real family vibe. You know everybody by name, so it’s great to be able to see somebody and ask how the family is doing.”